Grace Fang's baptism

Grace Fang's baptism

Baptism, sometimes known as Christening because of the association with the giving of names, is the welcoming of the baptised person into the family of the Church. In most cases parents bring their children for baptism when they are still very young and the service is one of thanksgiving for the gift of the child and a declaration of the infinite love of God for the child. Promises are made on behalf of the child by the parents, by Godparents (or Church Friends) and by the Church members present, to nurture the child in the Christian faith.

When older children or adults are baptised they can, of course, make promises for themselves. This was the case for Grace Fang at her baptism, shown in the photograph shaking hands with her Godmother and surrounded by her family and the minister, the Revd. Nigel Appleton, our Interim Moderator at the time, who conducted the service.

Baptisms take place as part of the normal 10.30am Sunday Service, usually in the earlier part of the service when children of the Junior Church will also be present. If you are thinking of baptism for your child please get in touch with our Minister, the Revd. Pauline Main, tel: 01865 513581, Mobile: 07931 305803; e-mail,

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