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Toddler Group Leader

We very pleased that Shibin Zhang is continuing as leader of our Toddler Group. She is assisted by Mary Horwitz, who is one of our Church Elders and acts as the Church Representative on the Toddler Group. Our Minister, the Rev’d Pauline Main, drops in on the Group whenever she is free to do so.
Contact details:
e-mail: Shibin Zhang.
e-mail: Mary Horwitz

Our Previous Leaders

We are very sad to say goodbye to our previous leaders, Blanka and Monica who have served as our Toddler Group Leaders since the start of the autumn term in 2013 in succession to Megan Haggerty. They have now had to move on and will be greatly missed.

Blanka and daughter Emma

Blanka and daughter Emma

Blanka Collis

e-mail: Blanka Collis.

Blanka writes: I joined the URC’s toddler group soon after our little Emma was born because the previous leader, Megan, also happened to be my neighbour at the time. I haven’t looked back since as we’ve made lots of new friends and have felt very welcome, so I’m delighted now to be involved in running the group with Monica, especially as we have fantastic help from the church’s community (especially John and Mary). We (my husband is Mark and Emma is now 1.5 years old) arrived in Oxford in 2009 when I got a job working as a biochemist within the University and since Emma arrived we have been discovering the world of baby and toddler groups in the immediate area as we started on the learning journey of being parents. Originally, I come from the Czech Republic, where I still like to spend time whenever possible, but I have been living in various parts of England since I was about 14 so I guess I often confuse people with my accent!
In summers past, I have been a leader on summer canoeing camp for teenage kids, so working with the toddler group is really nice as it’s very much the opposite end of the ‘young people’ spectrum. And as I was a Mum who benefitted from the social side of the group, I know it’s great for the mums and dads for meeting others in the same boat, so we look forward to welcoming you here!

Monica and Family

Monica and Family

Monica Baurier

e-mail: Monica Baurier.

Monica writes: My name is Mónica Baurier and I come from Barcelona, Spain. I arrived with my family (my husband Guillermo and our one-year-old Marcos) to Oxford last year in September. We came here because my husband is a DPhil (PhD) student in the university, so we expect to stay around for three years. As soon as I arrived I joined the toddler group in Summertown where I was very welcomed by John, Mary, and Megan. My son loved it so much and I found a lot of mums in the same situation as mine so we decided to join the group every Wednesday. I love the familiar environment, as when you arrive you always receive a kind smile. This is why I am so happy to be now a leader of the group.

In Barcelona I worked as a teacher in a religious Secondary School, where I also led the pastoral team. This is why I am also very happy to participate once a month with the kids for the communion service in the church. It feels very important to me that the families communicate and live the Gospel, so I am happy to be one little part of this process. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and you will always be welcome to the toddler group!

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