Study Groups

Bible Study/Prayer Group

Summer Meetings 2013

Currently we are studying Jeffrey John’s book – The Meaning in the Miracles.
Meetings are scheduled for Thursday evenings, 8.00pm to 9.30pm, on 11th and 25th April, 9th and 23rd May, 6th and 20th June and July 4th. All welcome (for details call 01865 556487).

The group normally meets on Thursday evenings in a members home at approximately fortnightly intervals. It is a group of people seeking to deepen their understanding of life, of the faith and of themselves, to learn from each other and to give each other support.

Meetings last for about an hour and a half and conclude with a period of prayer. Study materials are used and some big issues are explored in a spirit of trust and openness. We are often challenged by what we see in the world and experience in our own lives and we do not expect to have all the answers. We hope that by sharing our understanding of the Bible we may be better equipped for the journey of faith.

  • Previous Meetings

    At a series of meetings in the autumn of 2009 we used one of the Vision4Life Bible Studies by John Campbell of Northern College, entitled Encounters in St Mark’s Gospel. These were followed in the spring of 2010 by a series of meetings on the “I am” sayings of Jesus and then in the autumn of 2010 by a series of meetings on Prayers in the Bible, beginning with Moses and Abraham and continuing through the Old and New Testaments up to the letters of Paul. More recently we have been looking at the book Springs of Living Water by John Campbell. In the autumn of 2011 we we had a series of meetings looking at some of the stories in the book of Genesis. These meetings continued into the new year and were followed by a period when we shared in the Lenten Study sessions arranged by the Church Partnership and held in our church. In the summer of 2012 we enjoyed five sessions looking at the book The Naturalist and the Christ by Tim Heaton and based on the film Creation about the life of Charles Darwin. In the autumn of 2012 and early 2013 we held several sessions looking at the Lord’s Prayer and then during Lent 2013 we again joined our other Partnership Churches for four weekly lectures in St Michael’s on the general theme ‘Making a Difference’ and with individual subjects Reconciliation, Evangelism – Sharing the Word’, ‘Intercession’ and ‘Mission and Service’.

Morning Bible Study

Thursday mornings, 10am coffee for 10.30am start.

This is a group for those preferring a daytime meeting during the week rather than the previous Open Group on Sunday afternoons. In the first series of three meetings, held in June and July 2009, we looked at a selection of Psalms. The meetings attracted an attendance which included members of our Partnership congregations and there was a keen desire by members to continue so several further series of meetings were arranged. Unfortunately these meetings are now temporarily in abeyance due to health problems experienced by some members of the group.

Open Group

For the time being this Group is in abeyance and has been succeeded by the Morning Bible Study Group, details of which are given above.

In the past the group has met at 3.00 pm on Sunday afternoons in one of our members homes about four times a year. The aim of the group was to discuss together a book or subject of topical interest, led either by a member of the group or by an outside speaker. The discussion was followed by tea and the meeting closed at about 5.00 pm. All were welcome.

Topics discussed have included Rabbi Jonathan Sacks book, “The Dignity of Difference”, Bishop Richard Harries book, “God outside the box” and a general discussion of relationships between peoples of different faiths. Most recently we were reading “Finding Sanctuary” by Abbot Christopher Jamison and “What is the point of being a Christian” by Timothy Radcliffe OP.

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