Building Project

The Aim

If you live, work, or pass through Summertown, you will know our church. You may be involved in a group which meets on the premises, as the halls at the rear of our building are widely used for a range of community activities. There is a growing need for similar use at the front, but this is currently inhibited by the design of the building. However, urgent repairs are needed, particularly to the porch at the front, and these provide us with a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to make wider improvements for the benefit of the community and the church. We plan to open up the front of the building and make it much more attractive and accessible for wider community use.

Modernising the building

Currently our premises are in constant and regular use for a wide range of activities including dance classes and performances, theatre group rehearsals, weekly meetings of two groups of brownies, art and adult education classes and many other activities. The demand is such that we often have to turn away prospective users. But all these activities go on behind closed doors in the hall and rooms at the back of the church, using facilities many of which are out-of-date and inadequate.

The New Project

The New Project seeks to increase the space available for community use by revamping and opening up the main worship area at the front turning it into a light and flexible space available for a wide range of community activities as well as the usual church activities. The project will involve removal of the present porch and repair of damage at the front of the building to allow easy and open access and will provide about a doubling of the space available for community events. The improvements will include –

• creation of a large and flexible space for general use.
• provision of new kitchen facilities
• provision of an accessible toilet
• better facilities for new and existing users.

Activities possible in the new community space will include

• general community meetings, groups and events
• various faith and inter-faith activities,
• concerts and exhibitions

In the longer term it is hoped to undertake a thorough refurbishment of the rear halls to further improve our facilities, but as a first step a new sprung dance and all-purpose floor has already been installed in the redecorated large hall.

A brochure which describes the building project is currently being updated.