Partnership Link

A new edition of the Partnership Link is produced weekly throughout the year except during August and during the week following Christmas and the week following Easter. The common side gives information relevant to all four congregations. The other side carries information specific to the particular church to which it relates.

URC Side of Partnership Link

To view the current URC side of the Link, which gives information specific to the URC congregation, go to URC side of Partnership Link. The Order of Service for next Sunday’s Service may be seen by going to Order of service

Common Side of Partnership Link

To view the common side, which gives information common to all four congregations in our Church Partnership, go to Common Side of Partnership Link. Information for inclusion on the common side should be sent to the editor, Mrs Jenny Gerrard, preferably by e-mail to Jenny Gerrard. The deadline for inclusion is 6.00pm on Tuesday evening for information to appear on the following Sunday.

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